All of our work is guided by our principles of: 

  • Inclusivity- Creating an equal, inclusive culture is a collective responsibility, and informs our work at the deepest level.
  • Solidarity- We are committed to collaborations and forming a network of like-minded individuals who can help support each other internationally. 
  • Diversity- We respect and value diversity, and know fostering it is essential for creativity and innovation.
  • Sustainability- Critical to our global future, we must implement and increase sustainable development in all aspects of life. 

By collaborating with emerging and established individuals, groups, and institutions whose work contributes to a critical cultural and societal discourse, we aim to create synergetic communities and assist in the advancement of practitioners from underrepresented groups

 Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant, international community of progressive practitioners working in  a variety of creative and intellectual fields, who wish to innovate through a multidisciplinary approach.